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ok now die who ever cald me whatever.

i'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-04-04 14:55:11 by spidernic4

hey guys i'm back and ready to submit. okay i will get to submitting soon if i get macromedia mx.

nothing is on my mind today!

2010-03-28 10:30:26 by spidernic4

not even wrestlemania or the beach is on my mind.

you should visit us for more info. we live in miami florida's graveyard. who ever comes to the graveyard house will get a xbox 360. and you can communicate with me on facebook. so come on down to the graveyard! also the graveyard is available for 1,000 dollars. you think you can top that?

hi this is nick!

2010-03-26 22:27:42 by spidernic4

hi! you rock my socks. I'm new to newgrounds and my brother AWESOMEDJ is cool. so please comment and i'll respond so bye!!!!!!!